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  • C22 H23 N O6




  • acute attack
  • Colcrys: 1.2 mg (2 tabs) followed by 0.6 mg (1 tab) in 1 hour (total 1.8mg) [19,20]
  • older dosing (prior to FDA-approval of Colcrys)
  • 2 mg IV over 2-5 min [3] (withdrawn from market)
  • maintenance:
  • Injection: withdrawn 2008, safety concerns, unapproved status [15] Colcrys: single ingredient* colchicine for treatment of acute flairs of gout & familial Mediterranean fever [16]
  • * lower doses work as well as higher doses with fewer interactions & toxicity [16]




  • common (> 10%)
  • less common (1-10%)
  • uncommon (< 1%)
  • other [10]




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Internet Database

PubChem: 6167
PubChem: 2833


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